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Rock a Perfect Selfie with the Lumee Phone Case

How to Rock the Perfect Selfie with a Lumee Phone Case

Don’t we all aspire to a perfect selfie – or at least come close to rocking a selfie like Kim Kardashian? #lifegoals Hold on to your camera phones – now anyone can take a beautiful, flattering and well lit photo- aka a perfect selfie with the Lumee phone case. Ok so maybe your life goal is NOT […] Read more…

protect your devices, protect your bubble

love your devices protect your bubble

Not so long ago I was hosting corporate meetings and events for Fortune 500 companies – blowing and going at a non-stop rate. It’s what I love to refer to as the good ole days… And then one blistering cold February night after hosting a dinner party downtown, I threw my work bag in the […] Read more…