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With warm weather starting to take over the Midwest, I’m currently loving that skirts are becoming more popular.  With the popularity of A-line and midi skirts this spring, there are so many that I’m currently coveting as it keeps warming up.  The A-line skirt has been around years and it is a classic silhouette that looks great on everyone!  Midi skirts can be a little trickier, I recommend wearing it with heels to elongate your legs as much as possible.


So Chic Life - Fashion Friday skirt 2

Skirt | Nordstrom Rack

I found this skirt on sale earlier this year and have been holding on to it while the weather warmed up!  Now that it is warm enough to wear a skirt to work with bare leg’s I have been getting a ton of use out of it. The floral pattern and fun shape make it easy to wear to work and transition to dinner.

So Chic Life - Fashion Friday skirt 4

Dress | Kate Spade

This is actually a dress and not a skirt!  When I spotted it at Banana Republic, I knew that I was going to love it!  With midi skirts it is important to try them on in a few sizes to make sure that you have the right size around your waist and the right length.  I’m pretty sure that I tried this dress on in 4 different sizes before settling on a size!

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